Today marks World of Warcraft's 9th anniversary! You can get a special celebration package and achievement, WoW's 9th Anniversary, starting at 10am PST November 18th and running until 10am PST December 2nd.

To get your special Celebration Package, all you have to do is log in and visit any mailbox--you'll automatically find the package inside with a nice note from Blizzard.

Celebration Package can be used repeatedly and has a short cooldown. It grants the powerful buff WoW's 9th Anniversary, which increases experience and reputation gains from kills by 9% for 1 hour. Seems great for Emperor Shaohao grinding!

In addition, your character gets a special vanity effect--it looks like they are wearing the removed and very rare Contest Winner's Tabard.

You also get WoW's 9th Anniversary just for logging in!