The Stupidly Fast Guide to Ret

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Since the old thread needs to make a comeback, here's my awesome guide on how to Ret for 5.4.


Before you can even step up, you've got to hit that N key and get those talents picked out. I know, it's awful, but we all need to do it sometime. The only two tiers that really matter for DPS are Level 75 and Level 90.


  • Holy Avenger: Not very useful due to a lack of encounters that need solid burst AoE. SW is far better for single target burst.
  • Sanctified Wrath: Most of the time, your typical option in PVE. Use Hammer of Wrath as often as possible. 30 second wings lines up perfectly with Guardian of Ancient Kings.
  • Divine Purpose: Sustained damage. Very good for leveling/soloing. Extremely good with T16 4P. Very useful on fights with consistent AoE. (See: Tortos)


  • Holy Prism: The words "Dear God, please no" have never fit something better. It's useless in PVE. Awesome in PVP, though.
  • Light's Hammer: The go-to whenever you've got 2+ targets to drop it on.
  • Execution Sentence: The go-to for single target. Snaps stats, so it's extremely good with high Strength proc items (Fabled Feather of Ji-Kun )

Ability Priority - ToT+ Gear Level

Keep up Inquisition - Refresh with 3 Holy Power with < 2 seconds left
Use ES/LH whenever procs are good
Templar's Verdict if: You have 5 HP, it's a Holy TV (T15 4P bonus), Divine Purpse has less than 2 seconds on it
Divine Storm (T16 4P bonus)
Hammer of Wrath
Crusader Strike
Divine Purpose TV (if more than 2 seconds are on the buff)

Stat Reforging

Hit/Exp caps > Haste > Mastery >>> Crit


Red: Exp/Haste
Blue: Hit/Haste, or Stam/Haste if you can't reforge Hit low enough
Yellow: Haste

Haste has a potential to reach a level where it balances out with Mastery in this tier, so keep that in mind. Since you're probably wondering why Strength isn't gemmed in 5.4, it's because the high weapon damage on weapons causes it to plummet that low in value.
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